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Nuts About Coconuts

Even a year ago, it might not have been my favorite choice of nuts. But since discovering its many nutritional benefits and experimenting with tastes, the previous statement just might have changed a whole lot:

– Coconuts are full of fiber that can boost your well-being by normalizing bowel movements, preventing blood sugar swings, lowering blood pressure, leaving you full for a while as it is rich in minerals which helps improve the nutritional value of your diet, protecting against diabetes and even boosting your immune system, and helps fight disease

– it furthermore improves cholesterol levels

– and it is rich in medium-chain triglycerides, a type of dietary fat that may encourage weight loss.

Since I’ve started to use coconut oil on a regular basis, I simply incorporate it into various meals where I would instead put some other type of oil. Coconut oil contains healthy fats, and it has a mildly nutty taste that blends in with a variety of foods. 

I even enjoy using it in place of moisturizers, especially under the eyes, adding it in the evening, so the skin restores with healthy fats and looks fresher and more vibrant in the morning.

The other forms of coconut are dried coconut shavings, which are perfect as toppings to yogurt, berry parfaits, cakes. Or simply in a trail mix or by themselves. They amazingly curb my sweet cravings. But as with all the dried foods, it is smart to check that there are no additional sugars added to it.

The third form of coconut would be coconut water, which I drink by itself and add it to my cuisine (take that term lightly, coming from me), for example to various curried dishes, smoothies or infusion waters.

Any of the three shapes and forms of coconuts is a great summer treat as coconuts are light on digestion as well as in taste. Yet they fill you up with healthy nutrients, leaving you light and satiated for a while.


Here is a healthy, simple, filling, yummy recipe infused by coconut in all shapes that can serve as breakfast, snack or post workout meal. It is my go-to dessert when having friends over that won’t have anyone feeling bad about their indulgence:

Cook millet and add some coconut oil as well as coconut shavings. Let it cool down a little before adding carob flour to the mix. It is a type of flour that you can eat raw, and it gives the tart all the sweetness you’ll need. Cool it down before adding the topping, made with:

– plain yogurt/cottage cheese

– chia seeds (which are a great thickener and a super source of omega 3, they also boost digestion, keeping your system limber and your skin glowing),

– fruit of your choice (I like mine with either berries or peaches, but a combination of banana and pineapple works well too and makes it like a pina colada, which obviously screams summer)

– and a handful of coconut shavings, which bring extra crunch and creaminess to the mix.

This being simple, filling, healthy and delicious might just become one of your staple meals that your friends will appreciate you for even more.

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