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What is Reiki piece

If you have ever felt like your energy is being blocked or you feel unbalanced, Reiki (pronounced Reichi) is a healing technique that helps channel the healing powers to oneself as well as others. Reiki can treat specific areas on a person, including targeted parts of the body or the body as a whole. It can also be used to treat the mind, emotions, and spirit of an individual. 

Reiki was first created in Japan, in 1922, by Mikao Usui. The word can be divided into two, “Rei” to mean “mysterious” and “Ki” to mean “life force energy.” 

What Can Reiki Do For You?

By following the practice of this healing regime, you can reach wellness throughout many facets of your being. If you feel as though your mind is in a fog, you can bring about some mental clarity by channeling energy directed towards your mind. As a result, you will connect directly to your intuition, as well as your higher self. You will have a more definite sense of where to go if you are facing some challenges with the direction of your life. 

If you are feeling weighed down with your emotions, Reiki can be used to provide you with an emotional cleanse. Pain, negative emotions, and the inability to move forward can all be helped with this type of energy channeling. If you are run down physically, direct your attention to your physical being and rejuvenate your energy within. Practicing this form of Reiki will promote relaxation and reduce levels of stress you may be experiencing. An imbalance within can affect the seven chakras of the body and a lowered vibration overall. Reiki can help balance out your energy centers and restore the vibrations that your body sends out to the universe. 

Six Steps To Performing Reiki

  1. The first step is to lay down or have the client lay down, on a table or other flat surface. 
  2. Draw the power symbol below both of the feet and over the seven chakras.
  3. Call upon the Reiki Masters, angels or guides, or connect with your higher self.
  4. Conduct a Byosen scan. If you see any blockages, heal them with white light. These blockages can be an impurity such as knives, ropes, nets, pebbles, etc. Take the time to pull them out and throw them into the Violet Flame.
  5. Pass the white light over the whole body. Draw the Golden Symbol of Power over the body.
  6. Thank the Masters, angels, guides, or your higher self, for their presence and guidance during this process. 

It can take time to become adept at the practice of Reiki; learning the symbols, how to call upon the Masters, and understanding the terms involved. Some choose to practice the Reiki ritual with the use of crystals, essential oils, or just the energy between their hands. Whichever way you wish to practice this healing ritual, repetitive practice is key in being able to memorize the symbols that are included and to build up confidence within your practice. 

Although practicing Reiki is not necessary to balance your seven chakras, there are those who would not balance them any other way. It can be an intriguing journey to heal your body, mind, and spiritual essence.

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